Making the mundane magical: Spirulina Pesto

What I like to do is look at food and say, “How can I inspire this dish to become something greater than itself? How can I make this dish more delicious and more meaningful as it relates to health and healing.”

As a species, we are somewhat nutritionally compromised. We are not getting  the nutrition we need form the foods we are eating, at least most of the time. Our soil has become diminished of vital nutrients, and it’s important for us to take care and pack in the nutrients when we can . One great way is to try to artfully sneak superfoods into recipes. Let’s look at spirulina, it honestly tastes pretty strong and unpleasant. It has to be carefully combined and only in certain applications.  I like to add it to a robust Pesto that will ultimately mask the flavor and bring  incredible high vibe nutrition to this simple dish.

Let’s take a look at what Spriluna is.  Spirulina is the oldest food source on the earth.  It is a single celled organism, that is super simple for us to absorb. Spirulina, is spiral shaped and is rich in has anthocyanin, which is the blue pigment within.  Some studies have shown that spirulina can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. “The results showed that aqueous extract of spirulina has a protective effect against apoptotic cell death due to free radicals.“ nih.giv  It comes from the sea, so if you have seafood allergies, check in with your MD
The Best Pesto You Will Ever Have